When we have puppies they are all evaluated to remain here as show/breeding potential before being
made available to other homes.  I  screen all puppy applicants to make sure they are a suitable home
for my Dachshund pups.  All pet puppies will leave on a strictly enforced spay/neuter contract with
AKC papers withheld until proof of spay/neuter is provided.  I prefer pet homes but on a case by case
basis will consider show homes. Show puppies will go on full registration without a co-ownership to
well established active show homes and on co-ownership basis to those we deem to not be well
established in showing.  I do NOT place puppies outside of the United States and Canada.  I do
place puppies for the sole purpose of breeding. I deliver all puppies to their new homes or arrange
their transportation.  No puppy will be shipped!  If you are not involved in AKC or UKC events do not
bother emailing me looking for a pup for breeding.  You are wasting your time and mine.
Here at PenDachs I follow a modified vaccination plan and practice raw feeding and other natural
methods.  The health of my dogs and future generations is my main focus.  If you would like to discuss
this with me please don't hesitate.  I am happy to educate others about the dangers of vaccines and
kibbles.  Please approach this with an open mind and be willing to learn.  

Dachshunds live a long time so be sure that this is the breed for you.  While I am always willing to take
back any dog bred here at PenDachs my ultimate goal is to place puppies in life long homes to begin
with.  I will be providing life time support for the families who have a PenDachs pup.  My puppies will
leave my home with feeding instructions that I will have gone over with you weeks before you take your

I offer individual personalized contracts to suit the family I am placing a puppy with.  However with
that being said please realize this....  I take breeding very seriously.  I show my dogs to guarantee that
they are a good example of the breed.  I am not interested in producing mediocre Dachshunds.  You
can find this breed cheap from many, many mediocre breeders around the country.  What I have to
offer is what I believe to be some of the best out there.  They are usually from Champion parents or at
least parents who are pointed in one of the venues I show in, they have been raw fed, minimally or
preferably not vaccinated, and not exposed to chemicals for the ultimate in health.  Have questions???  
Feel free to email me anytime!
2018 Planned Breedings
CH PenDachs Just Like
You Only Prettier SS w
be bred Nov/Dec 2018.  
Stud to be announced at a
later date.