Please note the following things....

* I do not have a kennel. What I mean by this is that my puppies are born and raised inside my
home . My adult dogs have access to come in or out of my home via 2 separate doggy doors.
My dogs are not kept in sheds, buildings, barns, etc. They have the same luxuries as I do. They
are part of the family.

* Each and every one of my puppies are examined by my Veterinarian.
They are given a very thorough exam before they leave here . I also do a series of de-wormings.
I want my puppies to leave here as healthy as can be .

* All of my dogs are registered with AKC .

* I do not allow families to come visit. My goal is to have healthy Dachshund puppies.  By not
allowing multiple people on the property I am greatly reducing the odds of Parvo or any other
disease to be brought here. I am happy to provide photos of the puppies weekly as well as mom
and dad (if he lives with me).  I typically deliver my pups to their new homes and am happy to
bring mom and dad along when I do so.  Please remember that this is not a business, this is my
home.  I strive to keep it a home and a wonderful place for my dogs.  Please understand that this
rule is for their protection and it's not negotiable.

* I generally have a waiting list for our upcoming litters. If you would like to be placed on a waiting
list, please message me and I will forward you a puppy application to fill out.

* Pricing can vary from litter to litter depending on what my expenses are.
Typically pet puppies are $1250 and show potential puppies are $2000. My pricing is not

* My pet puppies are sold with Limited Registration. This means, you will still receive your AKC
papers, but they will be limited to Pet only and NO breeding rights will be given. It is rare for me
to sell a puppy as a show potential prospect but if I do so that would be on a co-ownership basis
until the puppy has received its AKC Champion title.

* All puppies produced at PenDachs are evaluated at 8 weeks, temperament tested, and at that
point we decide who will be available.

* Puppies are not chosen based on color or sex.  Families are matched to the puppy with the
temperament that best suits their lifestyle.

* I place my puppies in natural rearing homes.  Please read the feeding and natural rearing page
before contacting me.

* I look forward to getting updates about puppies that have been born here.  Please plan to share
photos of them with me and some of the silly antics that they get themselves into.  

* If you have questions please feel free to send me an email at
Smudge and Cactus puppies arrived Aug. 25, 2019.  We have a few puppies available and
ready to go to their new homes.  If you are interested in a puppy please email me at to obtain a questionnaire.  Thank you.
Green girl is available to a pet or show home.  
Teal girl is available to a pet home.
Rumor is almost 3 years
old and is available to an
approved pet home.  She
will need to be spayed.  
Rumor is only available to
a home with one dog or no
other dogs.  We would
prefer the other dog be a
male dog.  She is house
broken, crate trained, and
an all around good girl.